I’m Bec - colour loving, cake baking, incurable sweet tooth. 

I’m originally from Sydney but after meeting my husband on holiday, I packed my bags, moved to this sunny state and started a new, sweet life. Fourteen years on, we have two beautiful little girls (one of whom was pretty much made out of red velvet cake).

I have vivid memories of my Tante Christine making the most delicious European style Tortes and cakes during my childhood. Scrumptious chocolate cake layers soaked in Kirsch and filled with freshly whipped vanilla bean cream and roasted cherries was one of my favourites. She is now in her eighties and still makes the most delicious Black Forest I have ever tasted.

On a Sunday you’ll find me taking a long drive in search of the newest, most exciting spot for a long lunch, preferably near the ocean. Not too close though - I generally dislike sand and salt water, but adore the sound of the ocean waves and my girls giggling as they play happily together.

If I had one piece of unsolicited advice to offer anyone planning a wedding, it would be to choose someone who supports your dreams. Petal + Peach would be nothing without my lovely husband Locky, who cooks dinner, cleans up and brings me cups of tea (without me asking!) while I work away in my kitchen, following my cake dreams. He always tells me he’s proud of me and without his unwavering love and faith, I don’t think I could have ever taken the risk of leaving a life as a Midwife to create cakes for you.

As the owner of Petal + Peach, I’m grateful for the opportunity to help you create sentimental memories of long planned celebrations by contributing something sweet (and perfectly beautiful) to your event. I believe that

kindness can change the world

hot chips should always come with gravy and;

every problem can be solved with a slice or two of warm chocolate cake.

I’m so grateful to have you here.