Multi purpose sharp edge acrylic cake scraper

Multi purpose sharp edge acrylic cake scraper


Lovingly designed by Bec - creator of Petal + Peach, our frosted blush multi use cake scraper will help you achieve perfectly crisp edges on your buttercream and ganache finished cakes.

At 23 centimetres tall (9 inches), this multi use cake scraper is the perfect height for finishing tall cakes yet lightweight enough to be suitable for traditional shorter tiers.

One side features a perfectly sharp laser cut acrylic edge that will leave your cakes completely smooth. The opposite edge features a scalloped laser cut finish, allowing you to create a perfectly spaced and smoothly finished ribbed texture. Add a touch of refinement to your rustic style cakes or use as the basis for striped buttercream.

This price includes Australia wide standard postage. International postage is not currently available.

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