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ARTISAN birthday CAKEs

Treat yourself or a loved one to one of our perfectly finished birthday cakes. Each birthday cake we create is lovingly designed to suit you and your celebration and showcases everything that makes you so very sweet!

Not only do we bake Brisbane’s best birthday cakes (according to Style Magazine!) we also create beautiful + delicious bespoke celebration cakes to suit a variety of events including Christenings, Showers, Baptisms, Hen’s parties, Gender reveal parties (or lonely Tuesday nights)

If you’rE celebrating, then there must be cake!

When you’ve found your inspiration and all the information you need below, request your quote here.

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We know just how important birthday cake flavour is in wowing your love ones. Flavours that are love at first bite and create memories for many years to come. With years of experience creating and exploring the finest flavour combinations you can be sure of the perfect flavour for you.

Ganache, Buttercream and cream cheese icing can be substituted for each combination.

Red Velvet WEDDING Cake

Moist Red velvet mud cake with vanilla bean cream cheese icing


Orange, lime + rosemary pound cake soaked in gin + tonic syrup filled with elderflower Swiss Meringue

Lemon + blueberry Cake*

white chocolate mudcake dotted with jammy blueberry jewels and filled with lemon curd + vanilla bean Swiss meringue

Persian Love Cake

Spiced caramel and almond mud cake with rose water Swiss meringue

dark chocolate + hazelnut

Dark chocolate mud cake dotted with fresh raspberries and filled with Nutella ganache and vanilla bean Swiss meringue buttercream

Chocolate Brownie + Peanut Butter

Dark chocolate + peanut butter brownie cake filled with salted peanut butter Swiss meringue

Cookies and Cream

White chocolate + Oreo mud cake filled with cookies and cream ganache

White chocolate + Raspberry

White chocolate mud cake dotted with jammy raspberries and filled with white chocolate ganache

Burnt Caramel + Espresso

White chocolate + espresso mudcake filled with salted caramel sauce + white chocolate ganache

24 Carrot

Carrot cake, roasted walnut and vanilla bean Swiss meringue


Banana cake filled with vanilla bean cream cheese, salted caramel sauce and butternut snap crumb

Rosewater + Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate + rosewater mudcake filled with dark chocolate + rosewater ganache

  • Flavours described as sponge cakes are only available in limited designs. The light + fluffy nature of this cake means it cannot support the weight of additional tiers or heavy floral arrangements. Please get in touch to confirm if a sponge cake is an option for the design you have in mind.